SLi Vision
SLi Vision


Our vision, mission and values are at the heart of a very proactive, highly progressive and passionate logistics culture.

Our Vision is to deliver the best industry sector quality and excellence for all services ranging from an envelope to a large charter project for customers regardless of their size or location.

We shall remain accessible, accountable, personal and compliant regardless of our growth and shall deliver the highest standards of customer service excellence.
Our Mission is to provide innovative value added services through integration, automation and transparency contributing to the highest quality level of customer service that we shall always endeavor to achieve.

To expand SLi Group globally and grow above industry sector averages year on year maintaining our well known reputation as “The Definition for Logistics Excellence”
Our Values are built upon our strong foundations of honesty, integrity and service excellence combined with ownership, teamwork, staff development and training to excel above and beyond our systematic reputation. Our contribution to industry supports the future progress of integration, safety, compliance and paperless systems with solid support for local communities and the global environment.