SLi Surcharges
SLi Surcharges

Surcharges / Adjustment Factors

Adjustment factors are vital in delivering consistent and sustainable service excellence.

Adjustment factors exist where carrier costs can fluctuate regularly and protect logistics providers from incurring potential losses which is then detrimental to the provision of services. Complete transparency is something we firmly believe in which is why we make all of our surcharge information public and explain all aspects. If you have any questions that are not covered in this section, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do surcharges exist?

Adjustment factors are crucial to ensure carriers are protected from losses due to fluctuating costs including crude oil and pump diesel prices and currency exchange rates or significant risks such as war and terrorism. In this section, we elaborate on surcharges that can apply locally and/or globally. Our core adjustment factors are FAF & CAF which are explained in relevant sections.

Which surcharges apply?

This is entirely dependent on the logistics service that we provide to you, the mode of transport required and where in the world the consignment is due to be collected and delivered. FAF & CAF are our most common surcharges and we recommend that you view both of these adjustment factors and contact a representative if there is anything you wish to clarify about these surcharges.

How are surcharges applied?

We apply adjustment factors directly to invoices raised detailing the adjustment factor type and charge separately on each invoice raised. The information in this section explains why the charge is raised, the current percentage applicable, when it was changed, when it remains relevant and how it was calculated. Please view frequently asked questions for more information.

When do surcharges change?

Adjustment factors and surcharges are all unique in their own respect and can vary considerably between all carriers. Shipping lines amend weekly and monthly and some airline surcharges can change daily or weekly. Our main FAF & CAF surcharges are updated monthly and always show more than one month in advance what charge is applicable to shipments during that month.