SLi Surcharges
SLi Surcharges

Surcharge Information

Below you can find information and guidance on various different Surcharges.

Surcharges and adjustment factors exist where carrier costs can fluctuate regularly and protect logistics providers from incurring potential losses which is then detrimental to the provision of services. Complete transparency is something we firmly believe in which is why we make all of our surcharge information public and explain all aspects. If you have any questions about surcharges, please contact us.

Peak Season Surcharge

Known as PSS is applicable for all shipments from the Far East to the West and can be applied by shipping lines as early as June. Often commences in September until November. Other variant times and PSS can apply to cross trades travelling South and in other areas. The surcharge is applied by all shipping lines from Asia but usually excludes exports from Japan. Rarely applied to air cargo and mostly to westbound shipments.

War Risk Surcharge

Abbreviated as WRS is for covering additional insurance required for vessels/aircraft travelling through, near or directly in war zones or where the risk of war or terrorist attack is high. War risk insurance generally has two components: War Risk Liability, which covers people and items inside the vessel/aircraft and is calculated based on the indemnity amount; and War Risk Hull, which covers the vessel/aircraft itself and is calculated based on the value.

Dangerous Goods Surcharge

Dangerous Goods, which include a range of substances and materials, require specific, careful and precise handling together with product checking, monitoring etc. Packaging and documentation compliance checks take more time, specialist requirements and have associated risks which all incur additional costs. SLi is certified in certain classes of Dangerous Goods in accordance with IATA, IMO and ADR regulations. Find out more

Port Security Surcharge

Port Security Surcharge is a fee imposed by shipping ports & container terminals for the security measures required at the point of loading or unloading containers and charges vary between origin & destination. These charges may be identified as International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS), U.S. Port Security Surcharge (USPSS), Terminal Security Charge (TSC), Terminal Security Fee (TSF) and Port Security Fee (PSF).