Supply Chain Procurement
Supply Chain Procurement

Supply Chain Procurement

Our supply chain procurement service manages your purchase ordering process like a personal concierge.

Our supply chain procurement service will source everything you require and manage your stock inflows to minimise your cash outlay. Our supply chain procurement service allows our customers to benefit from our in house knowledge and we always exceed expectations. We can negotiate the supply, manage stock and report to all parties concerned which is just like having your own personal concierge or private butler for your supply chain.

We offer a comprehensive range of supply chain services and solutions suited to all industry sectors. Our supply chain services will deliver exceptional added value, improve control, increase efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, automate systems and optimise performance. From the very start, we will aim to reduce your overall logistics and supply chain cost by saving your staff time, taking pressure off your cash flow, integrating systems and systematically doing what we do best.
  • Full source to consumer supply chain management service
  • Comprehensive supply chain solutions consultancy service
  • Innovative supply chain optimisation and integration service
  • Multiple e-business, e-commerce and e-fulfilment solutions
  • Automated robotic picking and packing e-fulfilment service
  • Supply chain security, monitoring and management service
  • Single solution system with integrated supply chain visibility
  • Centralised reverse logistics & returns management service