maritime logistics
Maritime Logistics

Maritime Logistics

Delivering ship spares for vessels and bespoke parts for leisure yachts around the globe.

Express services serve the marine sector globally from the delivery of small bearings, ships spares and parts for scheduled maintenance, replacement or upgrade through to larger scale refurbishing and ship building projects. Global suppliers to this sector depend on the efficient and quality service that we provide to ensure a timely and safe delivery. We deliver for leisure yacht manufacturers, owners and repairers as well as bulk carriers, cruise ships, container vessels and tankers.

Centralised global control tower supply chain management allows you to focus on other areas of your business, trust our experienced maritime logistics team to provide excellent, reliable services. Our vast, global network and affiliations enable us to ensure your consignment is delivered quickly and safely anywhere in the world, through any methods necessary. With dedicated, specialist express services we have helped many maritime businesses fulfil their logistics requirements. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.
  • SLi network can deliver door to port/deck express services
  • 24-7 immediate response service for emergency ship spares
  • Centralised global control tower supply chain management
  • Worldwide charter services for all aircraft sizes and types
  • Global project logistics for out of gauge cargo movements
  • Experienced maritime logistics service provider
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