Innovation Technology
Innovation Technology

Innovation Technology

Multi award winning, future facing, resilient, integrated and automated technology that delivers real time visibility.

MySLi Europe – Our multi-award winning customer portal takes consignment transparency to a new level with real time information accessible anytime, anywhere on any device. This innovative and resilient digital information hub delivers seamless real time progress reports for all your domestic and international consignments throughout the UK and Europe. The web portal offers everything you could possibly require including a modern digital dashboard, bespoke data analytics, customer trading profiles, automated performance reporting, live service KPI’s, precise consignment tracking, automated delivery ETA’s, digital Instant Information on Delivery (IOD) Instant digital signature capture (POD), multiple consignment mapping and includes an extensive administration management system including quotations, invoices, cost analysis, heat maps and so on.

MySLi Worldwide – Is fully integrated to Champ Traxon IATA airline network and the INNTRA shipping line network for the tracking of most aircraft and vessels worldwide. This leading edge technology also incorporates RFID technology and a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS). This all combines in delivering superior supply chain management from a purchase order through to final delivery from an envelope to chartered aircraft and vessels. MySLi Worldwide offers a wide range of services including consolidation, full aircraft, vessel, container and LCL freight tracking, customs clearance, barcode scanning, stock inventory, order processing, product fulfilment, distribution and all desired aspects of administration.

Integration Services – Save valuable time, money, service delays and prevent costly errors by automating your daily processes to provide invaluable solutions that allow your staff to focus on other priorities. Our standard integration services are free of charge and in most cases we include other bespoke tailored and added value solutions via live API, EDI and cloud technology. Our flexible approach practically delivers everything you could wish for in a demanding modern world that requires constant progress, advanced reporting and complete transparency in service. Our integration services deliver innovative, dynamic and proactive solutions resulting in greater efficiency, enhanced service and higher business performance.
  • 100% real time transparency from collection to delivery
  • Integration to your website provides customer tracking
  • Server integration with live API, EDI, Data Drop & Cloud
  • Tangible savings, optimise efficiency and performance
  • IT integration and automation saves you time & money
  • Total visibility, free added value and service excellence
  • 15 UK & EU hubs, 400 depots and one million vehicles
  • Mini, Quarter, Half, Euro, Light Euro, Light and Full plts
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