entertainment logistics
Entertainment Logistics

Entertainment Logistics

Catering for all your requirements anywhere in the world however large or small.

We have assisted with the logistics for many events, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, functions, trade shows, corporate events, sports and racing events since 1994. So whether you are an organiser, exhibitor, business, individual or team we can collect, deliver and manage your event globally. Often within the entertainment industry situations will change meaning you will need flexible, professional support within quick time scales. Our specialist team can help guide you through any process and provide efficient, effective logistics management regardless of size. With our dedicated specialist logistics services team and self loading vehicles you can benefit from direct location delivery, anywhere in the world. Crane, forklift and heavy equipment handling services are available for all small or large scale events.

Strategic planning is essential to the success of your event, our comprehensive solutions services enables you to potentially avoid any potential logistics challenges before they happen. Saving you time and money. If you would like to discuss your requirements further do not hesitate to contact us. We work closely with experienced partners to provide all the necessary services to ensure everything is taken care of for the duration of your event.
  • Strategic planning to ensure comprehensive solutions
  • Self-Loading Vehicles (SLV) for direct location delivery
  • Crane, forklift and heavy equipment handling services
  • Just-in-Time delivery to first and any additional venues
  • Barriers, refreshment and convenience facility services
  • Experienced entertainment sector logistics provider
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