cross trade services
Cross Trade services

Cross Trade Services

We manage shipments across the world that do not necessarily start, end or even transfer in the United Kingdom.

Our advanced scale and global capabilities enable complexed cross trade shipments across sea, air and land. We can handle large and small projects thanks to our highly experienced staff and trusted overseas shipping suppliers. Throughout each step of the process, our dedicated cross trade project management team will assist, advise and guide you.

Our comprehensive range of additional services such as packing, insurance, security, container stuffing and ground logistics will enable you complete flexibility. No matter the complexity, we endeavour to simplify the process and provide the solution, for any shipment and destination.

What is cross-trading?

Cross trading is when cargo is moved between an origin and destination without it entering the country where the shipper is registered.
It is commonly referred to as 'Cross Trades'. There are several important aspects to cross trade shipping, such as insurance, packing, lashing and securing. That's why it's vital to choose a logistics provider with a strong international network of trusted shipping forwarders and agents. Our global network will give you the global scale and cost efficiencies to enable greater profit-margins. We can also provide specialists to help consult or project manage any break bulk, abnormal or oversize shipments you may have.
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