contract logistics
Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics

Providing a comprehensive range of customer contract logistics services.

Renowned for taking a flexible, dynamic and innovative approach toward the contract services provided to our customers. Our contract services are based upon complete transparency, management integrity and service excellence. We offer many types of bespoke contract services designed collaboratively that will exceed your expectations.

The advantages of our contract services will reduce your overheads, capital expenditure, staff costs, upfront investment and more. All of which will improve your cash flow, productivity, efficiency, quality of customer service, brand image and so on which all helps to maximise your business growth, development and profit. Contact us to discover the benefits of our award winning logistics services.
  • SLi fully integrated services increase your productivity
  • Comprehensive and bespoke contract vehicle services
  • SLi staff implants add expertise and reduce your costs
  • Optimise cashflow and reduce your capital expenditure
  • 2PL, 3PL, 4PL & 5PL contract logistics and supply chain
  • Inventory control, Ebusiness, fulfilment and distribution
  • Increase your service quality, efficiency and brand image
  • We deliver complete transparency and service excellence
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