consolidation services
Consolidation services


Airfreight consolidation services save you money without compromising the quality of end to end customer service.

Consolidation services are a cost effective way to transport cargo. By grouping shipments together with others to fill a standard container, you avoid the cost of shipping an entire container on your own expenses. Although there are several cost benefits to consolidation services, the quality of service you are being provided is not diminished. With our powerful tracking methods and years of industry experience, we'll ensure that your consignments are in safe hands. With our strategically located depots across the globe, you can leverage the benefits of scale in addition to our award winning service.

We focus on your requirements and time schedules, not ours. With regularly scheduled services across the globe. We offer all aspects of consolidation services transporting various consignments together in one groupage shipment. In order to simplify processes and reduce overheads, we can also transport your consolidated goods to meet with other consignments, to join the consolidation process to or from anywhere in the world. Once the consolidated shipment has arrived at the country of destination, we deconsolidate and distribute your goods to their local delivery points. Our consolidation services can be applied to air, sea, road and rail or a multimodal combination.
  • Collection, Consolidation, deconsolidation & delivery
  • Palletised consolidation for final mail & parcel delivery
  • Less handling, more control and accurate distribution
  • Multi sea, road and air freight consolidation services
  • Cross customer consolidation for multi user savings
  • Export packaging, crating and documentation service
  • UK/Europe express palletised freight delivery service
  • Over 5,000 + consolidation points in over 200 countries