Brexit no trade deal

Brexit with no trade deal will prove more expensive for EU exporters

Posted: 29/11/2016
A recent article in The Loadstar has suggested that Brexit would prove more expensive for EU exporters. European exporters have more to lose than their UK counterparts if the country leaves the EU without a freetrade deal in place, according to a new report by Civitas.

Analysing potential tariffs under World Trade Organization terms, the think-tank found that European companies seeking access to the UK market would be liable for £12.9bn a year, more than double the £5.2bn cost for the UK’s access to the continent.

Our CEO, Richard Triolo was also featured in the article, giving his view on the potential negotiation of new trade agreements and their impacts.

MD of UK-based forwarder SLi Richard Triolo said "The negotiation of new trade agreements, equivalent to those in existence, were unlikely to be ready in time for Brexit. Thus, joining the European Free Trade Area would ensure continuity and stability.

Simplified import procedures for customs controls and import duty rates post-Brexit are vital to encourage continued UK-EU trading, while other trade avenues and agreements are explored and established”.

Read the full article (The Loadstar) by clicking here.